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The Brightest Night

There she goes, goes high and full
silently peeks, then reaches over and shines valiantly
High atop the mountain peak howls a lone wolf,
Deep within every creature's soul, the falcon is freed

The breeze blows ever so slightly,
The trees embrace the chill, unseen, unheard, undisturbed
The owl comes alive, the bats now thrive
The cool warmth nourishing everything.

Up, up in the sky, she rules the night,
But never has the world seen a ruler such
In all her glory, in all her majesty,
She shines on, selfless, timeless, limitless.

Amidst this euphoria of nature,
I call out, partly to the night, partly to myself
And I wonder, what would life be
If it was frozen at this moment
This moment of peace, of tranquility,
of just being- just living in the moment.

It would be beautiful indeed-
Nay, not beautiful- its best not described
for this moment transcends-
this moment shines, this moment dazzles
This moment is the brightest night

Ans so, as we come to the crossroads of life,
Let us remember this moment, and in this moment our friendship.
As I look out at this magnificent vista
And I hope with all my heart that I shall do so again
I do not bid adieu, my friend,
I hope we leave seeing a cheerful smile on each others faces,
So that our friendship shines on like the radiant moon, ever so honest!
Yet, I cannot help cry phantom tears for you

As this moment ends, another begins
And in every moment lies what I choose,
The Darkest day or the brightest night.

by Ayush Anand

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