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The Brightest Stars Are Hollow
HMM Heather Marie Mortimer (May 3,1981 / Olympia, WA)

The Brightest Stars Are Hollow

I cannot shed this ghost in my shadow
It dogs my every step, my every single thought.
I've touched the brightest stars; they left me hollow.
You must be fate, I cannot have what I have sought.

I was sure that time would fade your eyes
Or at least the yearning in my fingers.
But this pain is just my love's disguise,
My heart enrobed in the shadow that lingers.

You are all around me, like the universe
Every happy or heart-wrenching thought.
You are my greatest blessing, my darkest curse
You were the price for which my soul was bought.

And all my anger cannot push you from my head
Even when I'm gone, this love will not be dead...

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