The Brilliant Blessing Of Beauty!

Kisses are cute! Of course, they are! Yet God reigns all supreme!
Tresses of hair! A Rolls-Royce car! Exciting as a dream!
Rainbows leaping across the sky - so close to Heaven's Throne!
God's answers now and by and by? Salvation's truths atone...
Exquisite sparkling jewellery! Laughter embraced by joy!
Gentle children engrossed with glee, content with each new toy!
Succulent sweets! Fresh fruits to eat! Fine sculptures! Works of art!
Encouragement from those we meet, new friendships that we start!
Uplifting thoughts! Uplifting prayers! Treasures from sunken ships!
Inventions that reduce Man's cares! Sun-tanned holiday trips!
Useful advice - for how one lives! Love's kind and soothing ways!
Yet giving thanks for what God gives keeps beauty in its place...

by Denis Martindale

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