(10 June 1918 - 19 October 1974 / Magura / Bangladesh)

The Brilliant Lamp: Muhammad Mustafa (S.M.)

He rises over the eastern blue horizon with a gorgeous hue,
His presence over the sky always spreads in a moment
O the luminous bird, are you awake? Will the night-suppressed voice
Travelling in the enormous void now sing about the day?
Will a peaceful tone come out of pent-up emotions?
Now what dream for light will attract the disturbed water?
Will this deaf dumb sky now forget its silence
With the clarion call of that traveller of a great distance?

Here he comes, here comes that bird with seven-coloured wings,
The deep sky is tinged with an emerald-blue clearness,
The deadly night is crippled and gone with this golden light;
Constant waves of rays fill the sky with a flood of light.

O you the unknown bird, from what depth of the sky have
you risen?

Your movement creates flowers of ideas and speech;
You survey the universal mind with your wonderful silvery rays,
Many lovely islands suddenly come into view in unknown seas.
Your sonorous wings contain tears of all the seas,
The young mind's red lotus kisses the shadow you cast on it.
O you bird of light! You know all the luminous windows in the open sky,
The universal dream takes shape along with your speed.
You are not a part of the dark night nor a part of dead stagnation,
You have opened the doors of the skies and of all the minds,
All the skies vibrate in expectation of your coming,
O you unhindered light! the earth is blessed with your advent.

Who comes there!
Who comes there!
A great uproar spreads everywhere!
The sleeping lifeless country wakes up, hamlets shake off century-old slumber
You bring the desired elixir of life to revire the unconscious,
O you brilliant light, you bring countless day-breaks along with you.
On the barren branches in the forest
Millions of days are hidden within your luminous sparks
Siddiq Osman Gin Nurain and young Ali woke up with the
touch of your light,
Al-Faruq's deep slumber ends with that brilliant morning,
Countless flames spark of with your free and liberal light.
............... (Incomplete)

(Sirajam Munira)

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