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The Britches Of Prejudice

Is racism a delusion?
A self-serving myth?
Amusing termed endearment
Repulsive traits herewith

Sensitivities may be useful
Like government or crack
With speed we reach a point
Of declining utility slack

Epithets of the Slurs Database
Release the tongue, aim the gun
Break the shackles, speak drivel
Reach out and insult someone

Negro, raghead, gay denier
A sissy third genderian
Gypsy, polack, urban shyster
Bamboo coon, barbarian

Red as the Cree, black as the Congo
Select the tone of any face
Yellow as nip, white as Fargo
Distinct colors to brand a race

A China man's a Chinese man
Colored people for those of color
Call any Jew an M.O.T
Might as well build your road to Auschwitz

Policing the use of nouns
Pittance payment to make, or rather
Public shaming, this or neither
Get them worked up into a lather

Then send us to gas chambers
Hang us from a tree
Fry us on electric chairs
A good stoning on the street

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Maya Angelou

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