The Broad And The Narrow

When Christ started The Church He made things quite simple and clear,
However many are following Religious Leaders into ambiguity I fear.

Christ came to give us freedom through the Cross-of Salvation,
However many are following Religious Leaders on roads of damnation.

Christ told the early disciples of only one road in which to follow,
But today Religious Leaders try to make His words vain and hollow.

The only road is a narrow one, and you enter through a narrow gate,
This Truth is despised by Religious Leaders, who proclaim it is hate.

While very few find this road that leads to the only Resurrection,
A broader road is being paved by Religious Leaders to destruction.

It’s easy to get on this road through a wide gate and many are on it,
Being lead by Religious Leaders who Christ warned are false prophets.

They come to you in sheep’s clothing and appear to be pure and good,
But inwardly these Religious Leaders are darkened ferocious wolves.

In the end many will abandon the faith to follow hypocritical liars,
Lead by Religious Leaders with morals that were seared with an iron.

When you stand before The Lord, it’s only His words you will hear,
You can follow these Religious Leaders or The Lord with Holy Fear.

Will He say “Away from me” as you chose to be wicked and irreverent?
Or will you hear Him say, “Well done My fine and faithful servant”?

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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