MH (10/13/1990 / )

The Broken Glass

Tracing the words not spoken so clearly
Expressing this thought I mean so sincerely
Closing time ends in fear
My dreams are haunted when your not here

Lines and ink cursive so neatly
Piecing together each step I’m fleeting
This very breath I hold within
Drawing back as you begin

One heart in hand and yours on sleeve
Pulling away to what I’ve achieved
But I’ll grasp it as it all comes together
Knowing it’s a moment to last forever

Tears and nightmares are wiped away
As you whisper, slowly, “I’m here to stay”
Hand in hand we stand so close
Gently holding unto the words you spoke

Pressing onward into your eyes
As yours are captivated into mine
Rushing time has never felt so still
Upon this broken glass my heart is spilled

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