The Broken Hare-Bell

Oh! I have crush'd
Thee, pretty flow'r,
And thou art dying',
Long before
The first sweet day, which gave thee birth
Has vanish'd from the smiling earth.

The heedless foot
Which trod upon
Thy smiling face,
My pretty one,
Meant thee no harm, yet did thee wrong,
Now nought avails the wailing song.

There liv'd a maid
By Tamer's stream.
To seek her love
A Soldier came.
To woo her loveliness came he.
But love he spoke of, jestingly.

And when she knew
Sweet words were spoken
To her in jest.
Her heart was broken ;
And now, beside that maiden's grave,
Stands in his grief, the Soldier brave.

And lie would give-
The earth and main
If he could call
Her back again.
The Hare-bell crush'd, none could restore,
The broken heart revives no more.

by Josias Homely

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