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The Broken Heart
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The Broken Heart

Poem By Kashif Khan

it is my first poem in FREE VERSE...
which narrates the condition of a broken hearted girl observed by the poet.
1) Dont knw about ur home, so, is
hesitating to ask
she is a weak harted girl roaming
lonely on the road.
2) City is unknwm, nobdy is famalier,
no idea where hav to go,
steps are trembling, due to weaknes,
and fire is blowing in the heart.
3) Dnt knw about ur home so is
hesitating to ask, neither sent a letter
to her nor delevrd any verbal
your affection is now droping as tears
from her eye.
4) Dnt knw abt ur home
so, is hesitating to ask,
forgoton her, and askd nothing, you are immersed into ur joy and here
affection generating down.
5) Dnt knw abut ur home so, is
hesitating to ask
she is a timid beauty,
with sweat allover the face,
what is the sufferings of her heart,
is reflecting from the face.dnt knw abut
your home
so, is hesitating to ask...:

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