So Real

Awake and dreaming
A cobweb dances
In the breeze of my breath
On a wind of cool jazz
Blown by immortal souls
Lost in eternal ether

Spirits sway in darkness
Writhing wraithlike
Whispering secret seduction
Licking pristine fangs
Eyes electric
Crazy and gone
Blind but seeing so much

Numb and feeling
Every sweet rapturous note
Tasting the pungent intensity
Of pleasurable pain
A rush so pure
Like a speeding
Brakeless express

Harlequin hipsters
Tripping phantom lights
Luminous lung caverns
Swirling smoky spectres
Drifting to heaven
Minds mesmerized
By mystic musicians

Soft Shiraz drapes hang
Like giant gypsy skirts
A tired old clock
Keeps perfect beat
Heavy lids slowly close
Chalky grey ash pauses
Teeters and falls

Shards of gaseous sunlight
Silently creep through cracks
Glass shatters
With muffled screams
And street noise staggers
Through a glaring door

by Dean Meredith

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...........a great write of a broken heart.....thanks for sharing...