The Broken Wing

What a beautiful woman to remember
The one whom has touched my life so
I now recall that warm day in September
When my mom told me she was ready to go

I closed my eyes and tried to think back in time
Of all the things she told me to keep true in my
And the memories just poured out of her heart into
It was then i was no longer in the dark

She showed me how to open my heart and love those
whom did not love me
And then to give without wanting anything in return
Her kind words poured out but it was her actions i
could see
And there was nothing more valuable than that, that
i could have learned

I don't know how, but her will was so strong
And she lived through the roughest of storms
The stories she told me of how life did her wrong
But it was her faith that kept her heart so warm

She always told me if i loved our Lord Jesus with
a sincere heart
I would be able to live with him in heaven forever
But that i had to live in rightousness even when
things fell apart
And to give in to the devil, never

Time moved on as time always does
And it was about a month after she passed away
I woke up in the middle of the night and there
she was
In the distance while i laid there awake

Around her there was this beautiful beam of white
A light too beautiful to describe
My eyes were wide open and i knew she was alright
But i could not speak, even though i had tried

She had on a long flowing white robe
And her face was clear to see
She didn't speak but yet she did not go
And i knew then, that she was in heaven in peace

That white light then faded and so did she
And i laid there awake in the dark
There was one thing i saw that deeply bothered me
So i started to worry as it ripped my heart apart

I clearly remember she had two large whitesh gray
And looking at her i could see the one on the right
was broke
There was nothing else around her, and no angels to
But i knew it meant something, and that was no joke

It wasn't until months later
When i realized what it meant
It was an answer to a question i still held onto from
when i was a child
It was an answer from God and through her it was sent
Then i just looked up towards heaven and smiled

You see my grandmother was a member of the church of
The Latter Day Saints
And i went with her every summer when i stayed
I didn't know why, but believing in the Book Of Mormon
took away from my faith's strength
And i always questioned it every time i prayed

My grandmother never knew
But i know she knows now
That the Book Of Mormon is not true
And that is how i found out

You see, it was the sincere love she had for our savior
Jesus Christ in her heart that got her into heaven

And although that night when she came to me
there were no angels there to sing
I'll always remember my answer from God
Was delivered through that 'Broken Wing'!

by Katherine Perry

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