AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

The Brook And I

the smell of green and springy, grass,
the lazy humming of the bees,
the cloying scent of small wildflowers
blue, blue, skies and a scented breeze,
a babbling brook close by,
twisting and turning charmingly,
singing a special enchanting song
making me smile mysteriously,
the mini waterfall
over mossy stones,
the music as it flowed on merrily,
polishing to a smooth roundess,
stones collected so lovingly
natures beauty abounds here,
the earth, carpeted by God for me
looking up at the dense green roof,
the butterflies circling dizzingly,
so much poetry in the brook's song,
as it flows on merrily
life is full of natures gifts
seek and find them willingly.
twists and turns, but finds its way
flows on happily, towards the sea
empties into the ocean vast
thereby fullfilling its destiny,
babbling gurgling
singing a song, soulful music for my ears and me,
I love the brook, in its beauty
it tells me things so endearingly
chatters, spatters, flows up and down
flowing, turning, merrily
the brook and I, sing a special song
in tune with nature, in harmony.

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Comments (2)

Poetically in 'tune' and a wonderful 'harmony' of both art and nature. Great write, Arti! ! Brian
Ahhhh.yes, young lady...This indeed, is fine verse....utopic imagery, tight, crisp construction....Solid crafting, Arti...HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~ F.J.R. ~