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The Brown Tarwin Waters

Through paddocks and places where scrub and brush grow
The brown Tarwin waters on towards the sea flow
Long before the old river was given it's name
It has flowed night and day long before the first humans came.

To this Southern Land thousands of years ago
From Asia 'tis said by those who we know what they of do know
The Tarwin was flowing on it's way to the sea
Perhaps since the birth of the first wattle tree.

Through Leongatha's flat countryside and by Inverloch Town
On towards Tarwin lower it journeys on down
A slow trickle in drought and bank high in rain
Humans come and go but the river remain.

Through green and lush paddocks and scrub lands brown to gray
The brown Tarwin waters they flow night and day
And though people like the Seasons they come and they go
The old Tarwin river forever will flow.

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