The Bs-Ness Of A Theory

Prone to lie.
Prone to seek alibis...
To coverup and deny.
Prone to articulate,
A relevance that deceives.
Prone to believe the BS-ness of a theory,
Planned and delivered...
Will be conceived and passed,
For the masses to perceive.
As reality!
To support and cloak,
Their disguises hidden.
To choke and maim all minds.
While those who suffer from these intentions,
Are left alone in their despair...
And driven to isolation.
While others stand on their backs...
To brag and boast,
Of such affairs!
In these desperate times.
Attacking those of lack with laughter.
With a thoughtlessness they dare to share...
To profit from these misdeeds long after!
How sinister,
Are they...
Who stir their own defeat!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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