The Bubble

Sometimes, you're in a good mood,
sometimes, it's reversed. There's no
use trying, to look for answers, for
whatever the reason, the bubble, has
burst! If things go along smoothly, you
can't help, but wonder why. For usually,
it's a question, of do or die! Life, is not
at all easy, we don't live, in a fairy tale.
We, have to put our nose to the grind
stone, then, perhaps our ship, will sail!
You, have to keep believing in yourself,
in whatever you do. Then beyond a doubt,
many good things, can come to you! Keep
your head up high and keep yourself, in a
good mood. Not for a moment, should you
allow yourself to brood. Soon you'll be
feeling, content and on your way. The
bubble may have burst, but it's back in
place, today!

by Audrey Heller

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