The Budhi Saying

Poem By John Zxj

A Fresh love song was heard
on the road of sand to nowhere
I reclined myself fall
as drunk as a lord
I saw the mirage
girls of beauty dance
Which to choose from
the Budhi tree of wisdom
or the vanity of blossom
I confided and confinded
to bitter-sweet wine
So was my life

The yearning for love caged me in
to the Budhi saying
you would never be aching
if you became a monk hair shaven.
The red of flower withered
as fallen leaves scattered
but Budda never cared

If life was a drawing
I would romance it
with seventy percent inks
and thirty percent coloring
as for the part of sentiment
I didn't paint with pain
I made it blank
Just leave alone the Budda saying
Try to make merry while you still can
To be or not to be all that is in vain

Was i already dead
i smelt the hell wet
recognizing this the way lead to Acheron
still resounded the good old day love songs
it's the demon
blow the wind of wisper
in my ears
as I was leaning upon a balustrade
'ain't that your fate
you did face
which was demonstrated
like that a solitary eagle you saw in your way'
Budhda say
the essence of affection is fake
dropp off you hair
you need to see through
the vanity of life make you a fool

marriage was a mistake
once the MengPo say,
Until you had no love and didn't hate
Naiher Bridge can be crossed
Budda was bored
No one could really explain at all
what all those love affairs was for

Comments about The Budhi Saying

don't leave the canvas of life blank...go ahead and paint it...nice poem.thanks

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