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The Bug
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The Bug

“Oh please, ” I say,
“What’s happening?
Please don’t ignore me so.”

“I’m a bug and annoying,
But still I want to know,
Why the grapes are purple,
And why the sky is blue.”

“Why are you ignoring me?
That is not like you.”
You say a buzz is in your ear-
“Hmm, is that a bee? ”

“You know I don’t appreciate,
You ignoring me.
I am not close minded,
I just want to know,

Who is going out with who,
And who you asked to go.
I am not boy crazy
Obviously you are,

But that fact alone does not make you a star.
So, please, treat me as a person,
And not some buzzing bee.
Because that is not what or who I am,
I am me, only me.”

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