(1915 - 2000 / New South Wales / Australia)

Memory's Past

Memory's my downfall
so sweet it takes my all
time and distance
conspire to remove the pall
erases the hurt of it all
painting over
the bad parts
and I,
eager servant,
of Memories Ends
say to my self
you know
maybe it was not so bad
those Gentle Ropes of Reluctance
start to loosen
I begin to wonder
would it be the
if I called and talked
to you.

Memory Betrays

Memory Lies.

memory perhaps
is the Ultimate Healer
helping us to forget
Pains Daggers
tempting us
to both try again
if that is best
or to gently take
the sting
out of the past
rewriting it
allowing us
to fool our selves
falsifying past memories
past pains
allowing us
to regain
the stance
of the

Thus false memory
is often kind
and allows
us to
move on
rather than
in Despair's Grasp.

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