The Bull Rider

The Bull Rider

Dedicated to William “Bill” Stolzenberger

He strolls from his dressing room
and heads for the arena,
hat on his head, chaps snug on his legs
spurs on his boots;
a bull rope in his right hand
with his belt buckle shining bright.
One sleeve rolled up and the other left down
tight fitting gloves with tape all around
he knows he’s ready for this go round.

He stops short of the arena
where he takes in the sights:
the roar of the crowd is a deafening sound
and the lights are shining so bright they are blinding.
He holds his head high while a grin tugs at his lips
as he heads for the chutes to prepare for his ride.

His heart pounding faster and adrenalin racing high
he climbs and straddles the chute
where the rankest bull in all the land awaits him:
has never been rode by a man.
He waits for a moment for the bull to settle down
so he can ease into position
with his legs snug close, heels down and toes pointed out.

Next he slips his left hand through the bull rope
and grabs a hold of the handle
it’s tightened and laces it through his fingers.
A quick mental flash goes through his head
as he raises his right hand and a nod of his head
let's them know he's ready for this ride.

The gate swings open and out they come together
man and beast they look like one.
The bull’s head is down and he bucks twists and turns
every which way he can to throw his rider off his back
but it's to no avail.
The Bull Rider’s form is perfect
with his every move and no flaws can be found
for he knew this ride was meant to be.

He hears the horn to end his ride
he dismounts and scatters.
Sucks in a deep breath
lets it out slowly
as he waits for the judges to show his score
Not long and he sees
a broad grin appears on his face
He bows his head to give thanks
off comes his hat and it is tossed in the air
For no one could be happier
than he is at this moment– for he just got his

December 22,2007

by Connie L. Burchett

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