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(((The Bully)))

S.S. Bernardo traveled the seas-
Oh so high and mighty-he preened-
His long dark curly locks were blowing...
At last, his true character has been seen! ;

Oh-it took so many years...!
As Betty tried desperately to cover his course-
But its been said that too many cooks oft' spoil the brew-
At last-a break in this malevolent force! ;

S.S. Bernardo came calling...
'Cross thirty years or more of deep-deep seas...
Ever vowing to keep that promise he'd made...
Back in the days of a much quieter breeze;

He promised to drive much less unruly...
In order to view my eyes emerald green hue...
He is still stuck on the belief that i am in debt to him...! ! !
Oh Lordy-if he only knew the hell i've been through! ;

S.S. promised me cans and cans of Spam...!
On that promise hes kept his malicious word...
But with all of this old evidence mounting! ! !
Me thinks, soon his voice will no longer be heard! ;

When is enough-enough S.S.?
You seem to love running it into the ground...
Are you really still the tiny malicious old man people talk about?
Are you really as vile as you still sound? ;

A bully whos cowardice is showing...!
Threatning the younger-smaller- that you have taken in-
Have you no shame in your soul whatsoever S.S.?
Don't you know that in Gods world-evil-it never wins?

May 18,2010
Underneath The Umbrella

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