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The Bunch In My Head [rev.]
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Bunch In My Head [rev.]

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

Read on the Internet that at age sixteen Charlotte Church
lost her voice when she sang Carmen - yup, that's what I
would have done were I in her shoes, stormed the opera
citadel, shown everyone what we can do, elated in being
alive and feeling vibration moving right through until the
very bones in our bodies rang -

Then crash back to earth with a bang; when I look at the
emotional demands of stardom its clear why I can't even
construct a heroine winning fame, my protagonists hate
popularity games such I can't even mention any beauty
pageants, I have no control over the Charlotte Brontë &
Jane Austen bunch in my head -

Elizabeth Bennet remains my ideal, every heroine wants
that role; it is so fatiguing finding Mr Darcy's for them…

[11 July 2014]

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