The Burden

I bear the burden of your love.
It is a debt I won't repay.
It weighs me down, I bend, I hunch.
How can I make you go away?

You ask for nothing in return.
You give and never keep the score,
While I - a miser - cannot spare
A smile, a word of loads I store.

The sense of guilt erodes my soul.
If I could cure you of me!
I may be wrong, I might repent.
Still, let us set each other free.

by Julia Klimenova

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Comments (6)

Julia, an eloquently captured portrayal of unrequited love, like the way you have chosen to tell it from the perspective of the one who cannot reciprocate. Wonderful use of language that gives this poem a certain edge. Warmest wishes, Justine
Julia, certainly a poem true to life... the burden of unrequited love. It weighs heavily... good poem! Brian
Good writing. Nothing is sadder than falling in love with someone who does not reciprocate the feelings, and nothing is more annoying than having a member of the opposite sex throw herself at me either.
A little masterpiece! So well focused and the words so apt and well chosen. I love 'It weighs me down, I bend, I hunch'. Well done.
Dear Julia or Jewel, Yes, a one way relationship is unhealthy for everyone involved. This is a well-crafted poem that clearly shows the one side of the object of affection who doesn't return the feelings. A solid and expressive poem. Good writing! Kindly, Hugh
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