I just stay at home,
With nothing to do,
With nothing to touch,
With nothing to view.

I just lay in my bed,
With nothing to say,
With just hopes of talking
To people someday.

There once was a time,
Where I could do anything,
But not today,
Nothing will be happening.

Let me just tell you the story,
Start to finish,
Please listen closely,
For my voice can diminish.

Back at my old town,
A long time ago,
When I had confidence,
But very little woe,

I loved someone
With such great passion,
Please forgive me now,
For this story is so ashen.

We loved each other dearly,
Nothing could separate us.
Nothing of course,
Until she ran out in the gust.

That night was so cold,
I told her not to go out,
But she wanted to be bold,
Now she is gone, with no doubt.

I sat by her bed,
Where she slept for awhile,
She moved not an inch,
While I was in denial.

The doctor said there’s no hope,
For her to return,
But I said no,
There’s no need of concern.

She breathed so deeply,
I couldn’t believe she was sick,
But then I second guessed,
There was blood on her lip.

The disease which is so deadly,
Was not uncommon here,
I never thought she could get it,
‘Never, ’ thought I in fear.

For I loved her,
And she loved me,
Now we would separate soon,
Was a thought sincerely.

Whatever happened to her body?
You want to know?
Well, I will tell you.
I won’t say no.

She rests at last,
Under the night’s starry skies.
She rests at last,
Immune to all lies.

by Joshua Swanson

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