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The Burning Cars Of France
( / Germany)

The Burning Cars Of France

Poem By Lovina Sylvia Chidi

Thirteen days have past
They are still rioting
Rioting and fighting
Will it last?

The burning cars of France
The town of wine and romance
Decorated with an appearance
Of a town that has just gone to war
Without any notice in advance

There was a time yesterday
When a life was priceless
I ask is it worth a thousand cars?
Is it worth tens of lifeless buildings?
The commoners are powerlessly crying
The fighting goes on

A PowerStation gave death to two
It also gave birth to
The burning cars of France

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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Comments (2)

I like your poem as well as Tai's comments! We have come to a stage in our lives where it is clear that humanity has been undervalued for the purposes for the few to sustain wealth and control. It is not without reason disruptions are occurring World wide. Unfortunately, the focus is not placed on the criminals who have perpetuated these outbreaks on humanity!
Hi Sylvia, I am quite partial to a little political poetry too. Oil and greed has so much to answer for. You made the complete circle and the complete point. 10 from me. All the best Tai