Stupid He - Stupid Me

Today I decided to get work done on my car
But a simple conversation was taken too far
Got damn Stupid He always wanna start with me
He needs to learn how to let things be
He blows things out of proportion, makes me mad and cuss
For Stupid He and Stupid Me we just had a fuss

I always say don't give no one that much power
To keep you angry inside and out, hour after hour
He wanted his friend to fix the part
But not the part of a shattered heart
I don't want his friend to do nothing for me
So I brought my car somewhere else and paid them the fee

Why did Stupid He keep on calling and calling
Did he think Stupid Me would even want to be bothered
So as I sit here in this stupid car shop
I turned my cell phone off so the ringing would stop

Stupid He always tends to bring up the past
Stupid Me thinks this love will last

When I think of him and see him, I don't have the same glow
For the feelings I felt, I'm not feeling no mo

Stop being so mean, Stupid He is so rude
Makes Stupid Me ever wonder why I still deal with this dude

by Colette Dright

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If I were a bushman, I'd feel the same.