The Business Of Division

As we bow our heads to pray.
Or kneel on knees...
To follow customs,
We have come to learn.
With a doing to get as near,
To 'Deities' we worship.
Claiming faith and belief.
Done to do to give time to permit,
Back we return...
To commit our minds to conflict.
Like children devoted to annoy.
And enjoy it.
Although everyone will insist to admit,
A giving of themselves to a 'Higher Power'...
One All Knowing. Omni-Present and Capable to Fix,
Every conceivable problem that exist.
To then deny,
Being hypocrites.
Or demons with misdeed wishes.
As we bow our heads,
Attempting to convince with kept pretentions.
As we bow our heads for the few minutes given.
Before we are back,
To the business of division.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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