The Business Of Life

She was suddenly drawn alert awake
Looked about but none any notice take
The slender figure over there had make
Tall drinks for crowds' amusement sake

Air around them was cold locked out
Hostess an angel pulled blankets about
Up in skies she lived a ring without
And lonely blessing smiles throughout

Down went sleep when no one looked
While souls asleep a flight they booked
Measuring now her bra unhooked
Her short few minutes she lonely stood

Perfectly her pair in the mirror admire
Body designed just for this attire
From early shift a biting under-wire
The freedom yearned for now so dire

Seven more hours she's on this flight
Housing then hotel room for the night
Her lonely days a partners plight
Perfect figure was trained upright

Feet need rubbing from a different hand
Up in skies where her soul is strand
Her gaze struck then a face not bland
Slender turned she with bra in hand

Legs rubbed quietly as she felt hot stare
To a sleepy crowd they would not care
A business suit offered for her there
Tiny goose bumps her nipples bare

Middle isle strode she teasingly down
And business woman a different town
A suit sprayed on so tightly sown
Pointy parts bounced up and down

Pair of them would a deal conclude
To this hostess a staring rude
Invite the passenger don't elude
A smartly dressed one to protrude

Business done in skies so high
Meeting pressed suit with a sigh
Scheduled then she touched her thigh
Soon enough the flight drew nigh

A taxi from the airport ride
Deal is done that cannot slide
To both made now a contract wide
Conclude it must before the tide

By reception the guests all stare
Lovers bliss they did not care
New love to make quick over there
Transporting bags I meet you there

Her favourite number a room and wine
Soul seek the room door lover mine
Back looked they at the starers eye
To stairs climbed both to sixty nine

The room door keys were now in hand
Skies above them had not mind
That special person shared her mind
She prayed them sleep the sleepy sand

Is all she wanted while all slept
Cuffed them all with coffee swept
To them the hostess secret kept
Serve them warm drinks and they slept

Arno Le Roux 2014

by Arno Le Roux

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