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The Business Of Religion
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Business Of Religion

There is, to my extreme dismay
a movement in this misery
of people's thoughts that will betray
the foul religious industry.

I stared into the looking glass
to find the answer for my soul
I went to pray at midnight mass
was drenched in musty hyperbole.

At last I judged that I was God,
I seemed to hold the proper key.
But others found the notion odd
their voices spoke of blasphemy.

One day I saved my dear Schlappi
I felt the hand that steadied mine
I've known since then that there must be
not only Bacchus, God of wine,

but one who oversees all deeds
a master God of awesome skill
who sits and watches in the weeds
outside my town, up on the hill.

Impertinence, you are my friend,
I say that God would not be keen
to laissez-faire the current trend
the likes of it he's never seen.

As is the custom with our health
big bucks have bought the human soul
thus don't be shocked, the lure of wealth
has won and commandeered the role

of guardian and unquestioned king
today a robe of ebony
may calm your heart, but it will sting
as no one wants you to be free.

Thus, overall I'll give a miss
to organised shenanigans,
what clearly smacks of business
is not for me, it's 'also rans.'

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Comments (3)

Well thought out. An enjoyable read. Just out of curiousity, I'd be interested to hear if you ever got a chance to see the movie 'Dogma, ' and if you did, what you thought of it. My son turned me on to that film. In return I got him a copy of 'Inherit the Wind.'
Yep! I thought you might be against organized religion. But, you do still seem to have a wonderful belief in God..........and I think that's all we need. Great poem Herbert. Sincerely, Mary
Masterful Herbert. The classic form for response that would be hard to better as it always carries enough wit, and seriouness withing the form.