The Business Of Sickness

The business of sickness that sits,
Twisting some to pieces...
Increases mindsets,
To believe their ways are just.
The madness allowed...
To silence common sense,
Now chases everyone
Haunted by 'fun' still dispensed!

And innocent jokes done,
By those who are now on the run.
Keeps profits pocketed,
From the dung that's been slung!
And challenged they are by the onslaught,
Of a creeping sludge that overcomes!

Grieving in silence,
As violence continues to churn.
This is a cruel and mean existence.
But these are the 'standards' taught to digest,
And those who are against them are spurned!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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As usuual, a man of intent thought and emotion and brilliantly expressed Best regards, T