The Butcher's Game

Poem By maria alexandra lopez

The Butcher's Game

The world is dark

Mr. moon shied away

Saw a shadow, a knife in its hand

I wanna break free

The shackles are so tight

Need to real fast

But I am wounded..wounded by you!

It's bloody! HELL fire!

Darkness in my world

Droplets of blood flow

My veins are turning blue

My blood is freezing cold

I'm numb...cannot feel anymore

Pain is all I know - I am GLAD!

Looked back, saw myself

Lying on the floor

Drowning in my own blood

Run from the monsters

Their eyes are fiery red

Mine are blank

Am I still alive?

I wanna swim back

Back to my innocence

Today is marked by blood

Blood of my own

My dry icy blood

Scared of the future

A future alone in the dark

Gone are the fairy tales

This is the wilderness

I am the hunted animal

Running from the world

Away from myself

I am tired

I am badly wounded

Got blinded by the darkness

I thought I could

Now I am badly bruised

I am extremely confused

Which way to go?

Whose voice to follow?

What lies ahead now?

Is I still I?

Or you still you?

Are you my reality?

or a product of my mind

Are you my defender?

or the executioner

Guess, you are the butcher

Holding the double-edged knife

Lurking in my shadow

There is no escape now

There is no other way

I will bleed

My blood would dry

Got to run

Run from the butcher

Run from myself

The race has just begun!

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