The Butterfly

On a yesterday summer day,
A creeping caterpillar crawled into a flaxen shell
And hid away from the world,
No more to let the elements of time
Play havoc on her mind.

The wind blew the flaxen shell far away
To a field of flowers and the aroma of happiness
And laid her at a stranger’s feet.
He nurtured her, and cared,
Until her beauty, with him, she shared.

A crack appeared in the flaxen shell
And a wondrous creature appeared. But the aurora
Of unfolding wings blinded the stranger’s
Sight, and in his stride,
He brushed the butterfly aside.

Her wings have been clipped and torn
And she reaches for her flaxen shell to hide again.
But butterflies are not allowed to hide
Once they have been set free,
And she must gather strength to fly away,
…with me.

by Bonnie Moore

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