Poem For A Balding Ballerina

Some fall apart
too soon.

She is lost,
unable to be found
on any map.

Her pain is so deep
it has become contagious.

She will spend this morning
staring out the window,
counting all the miracles
in paradise.

In a previous life,
she was a sea creature,
drawing strength and power
from the salty depths
of the ocean.

Now, she is drowning
in the past, in a ceaseless
stream of spilt wine.

Her face is a dream
buried in shadow,
and her heart...

by David Kowalczyk

Comments (2)

I met this guy who sent me this poem because I was in a bad relationship and I got out of it. I love butterflies because they are so beautiful, delicate, and free. But after reading this poem and that he took the time to send it to me, a butterfly has significance to me now.And I believe I am falling in love with this man. Fantastic poem!
Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. It was just what I needed to read today!