The Cabin

Built in the mountains high among the hills
Nothing real fancy four rooms without frills
The only things there are are the supplies that you brought
A quite silent place you can get lost in thought

Fresh brewed coffee permeates the morning air
Thick as smoke but like a ghost not really there
The fire place crackles as flames dance about
Morning silence broken by a lone eagle shouts

As the dawn gives way to the early mornings wakening
Mother natures beauty is there for the taking
Wrapped in a blanket like a mothers warm embrace
As the suns warming rays embellishes your face

Piercing the canopy sunbeams fall like columns of gold
Beautiful visions for the minds camera to behold
Smoke from the fireplace dances with the breeze
As the wind plays a melody high up in the trees

Young squirrels playing in the brisk morning air
Bounding from limb to limb as if on a dare
Up one tree and down another
Like children playing tag with one another

Curious deer playing a game of hide and seek
Passing by slowly to cautiously take a peek
Silence broken only by the beating of your own heart
Astonished by the beauty of a cool mornings start

Another cup of coffee as you stretch and yawn
Making another appointment to meet the next dawn
Remembering what you’ve seen tucked away in your head
Another log on the fire and its back off to bed

by Poison 9901

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