MH (10/13/1990 / )

The Cactus

I’ll stroll past the Cactus,
The dessert is where I lay.
He is rooted to the floor,
But I stray away.
His body filled with streams;
My bones filled with dust.
I could ask for a drink,
But it could never be enough.
The sun’s daggers will blister
my exposed, thirsty eyes.
But there He stands tall
without even a try.
Months without a feeding glory
Flowing from the clouds of life.
Despite the overlook of defeat,
He gleams at this standing strife.
“Find your feet in the earth,
and your days will never cease.
Find your feet above the sand,
and you will soon decease.”

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You are a very good writer for being so young! Keep up the good work...(I grow cactus and other succulents in my greenhouse business~~~they are my favorite plants) 10 on this nice writing. Thank you.