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# The Cactus (Resurrection!)
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

# The Cactus (Resurrection!)

Poem By Seema Aarella

This body like a rose
Been a cosset of spring
Then a beautiful thing,
But the winter left me rot,
Summer withered me thin
An image the seasons wrought!

Heart was a puddle of love
Always in full effervescence,
Was left flaked and dry
An unfaithful exploit…
Of my sensitive innards
By the ever malevolent sky…

Dreams like rivers
Flowing fierce and free
Humanity but won’t let me be
It sucked me whole
Weakened my strength
The worldly rules and decree

Now, I retreat to reticence
Shedding conceit for thorny skin,
I watch the season’s caravan
Wearing stern and placid grin…
Hands raised in prayer forever
And my oasis secured within…

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Comments (12)

This is very much like my poem MY DARK NIGHTS. Well expressed feelings.
Beautiful composition. Last stanza is very nice. 10+
Seema, very well expressed poetic thoughts - with your last para creating the climax! I loved those hands raised in prayers! Cactus for me is a symbol of suffering in silence! Yet it is a symbol of survival, a symbol of resurrection! Seema, have you read my 'The Cactus Tree'? - Raj Nandy
nice wellwritten good poem
beautiful metaphorical poem 10++++++