The Café

There is a place you should know.
A beautiful place where thoughts come and go,
A place where men and women speak freely.
A place where coffee’s only a buck fifty!
There are people from France and Polvska,
All asking whether their coffee is Arabica or Robusta.

I yearn to be there!

Oh the aroma of russet rich coffee,
It is dense enough to see!
And people are more than willing,
To help you with your needs,
Whether you need thoughts to taper
Or help on your college paper.

Times when you need help fast.
Or a class you need to pass,
The café is the perfect place.
Come at your personal pace!

The coffeehouse café is great.
Especially on a first date!
Or perhaps those times,
An old friend comes and chimes
All his or her latest investment regimes,
Just try not to fall for his or her schemes!

I yearn to be there!

When you ask the man in line where he bought his tie,
When the busy sun never wants to leave the sky
I yearn to be with the friends I love but do not know,
I want to go where my thoughts come and go,
I want to live my life with ones I love but do not know,
I want to hear my thoughts come and go!

When the busy sun is burning in my eye
I ask to God, when will I die?
And when I do, will I go—
To the place I love most?
Where I drink with people I do not know
And let my thoughts come and go?

by Ianaldo Prescott Pourchot

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This is quite original and I really enjoyed it.