The Cage I Call Home

Poem By Talem G. W.

I stare into the sky,
the vast canvas
of the gods above;
often wonder about that which lies
far beyond our reach.
It is natural,
for us to long for something bigger
than ourselves.

Ay, I myself wish to see it-
whatever it is-
that beautiful creature that
sits up there, watching.
The thought may frighten the close minded,
but not I.

The feeling in my heart,
my soul,
calls me into the black.
When the sun sets, my gaze rises
and I see,
above my home- my world-
I see the great expansion of
a million worlds.

I know that you know.
We all know.
It is natural,
to stare up into the night
to see the stars
and the moons
the very origins of existence.
To long for them.
Indeed, the gods were cruel
to place their dwelling upon our world,
flaunting their great beauty and
where we can only look.

But I know that one day
we will brave the gods,
that we will rise up;
that we will fly,
and be as gods.
all of us will see
what waits beyond us.

This is my dream,
that I not die 'till
I have seen
what waits.
I know it's there- I see it
every night.
Think of it-
the wonders that delay
for us.

Think of it,
as we dwell here,
in this great cage,
that when you feel lost
and look to the stars,
those keepers of
a million worlds;
that when you stare into them,

Someone else is staring back,
far, far away,
wishing to break free
from their own cage.

Nay, we are not alone,
none of us.

Not in mind
nor body
nor spirit.

Nay, when we look to the vastness of space
and time
and existence...

another beautiful soul looks back,
the very epitome of empathy.
Of love.

Ay... all these things
I know,
I've only but seen them
from my own world,
my own home...

this cage that keeps me...
this cage I call home.

But it isn't my home.

One day,
one wonderful day,
I will go home.

I promised.

I will come home.

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