SS (16/11/1987 / Kolkata)

The Caged Bird

A caged bird,
Sun rays, his friend
And well...
Another bird...
About them, a tale I spin...

A wild bird, blue
Like the sky
On which it flew
Lived in a cage of gold
Far... far away from home

A Factory’s where his cage was kept
Smoke and carbon particles crept
Made black-clouds like marks
On his blue-sky like wings
Darkness crept into his heart

Every morning,
Sun rays would come
And give him news
From sky and his home
And the news of a lonely bird

The caged bird
Waited every morn
For news from his home
He asked and poked
The sunrays mad

Then one day
The sun rays
Went to the island of hope
The caged bird’s home
Was there in the woods

The sunrays told
The caged bird’s tale
Living in a cage of gold
All The birds were.... too touched to chirp
Many a tears rolled

Everybody cried...
But a single bird
Solitary like a lost star
Was frozen stiff
And dropped dead
Like a winter fall leaf

The Sunrays went back
To the Cage and
Told the bird about his nest
Told him how they mourned his pain
And how the lone bird laid to rest

When the men came to work
In the factory...
They saw the bird waiting for death
With sunrays crying on his wings
Like cloud stained sky of broken faith....

by Saurabh Som

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