The Calamities Of The World

The terrible calamaties, that go on in this
world, seem to be getting, much worse
by far! You can't look at the news, or pick
up a paper, without it being ajar! It's very
disturbing to say the least, as there's much
needless suffering we hear about, every
single day. You wish there would be an end
to it all, you wish, it would go away! Some
of the tragedies could be avoided but when
it comes to Mother Nature, these I'm afraid
will forever go on! She's certainly been on
the rampage this year, but her fury, will never,
be gone. The other senseless things that
occur, how do we find a cure? We get sick to
our stomachs reading about them and find
it, hard to endure! One day, maybe they'll be
a more peaceful world to live in and I'm sure,
we all look forward tp that time, when it will
arrive. But for now, we have to take what's
happening, whether we like it or not and be
grateful, we're alive!

by Audrey Heller

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