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The Call! !
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

The Call! !

Oh me Lady
Thou hath brought glory unto morn'
An' unto thine eve
Thou hath brought the humbling of thy soul
In choice of freewill
Thou hath surrendered all unto me to be
An' in times grasp
not but one dropp hath been misplaced
For in the call
of such a moment of bliss unfolds
In it's truth
The winds of time shalt not erase
It was I
whom upon many a year hath called
And in rejection
You hath turned of thine head unto another
Bringing forth fall
And an unending spiral of whirlwinds pool
Yet I call...
An' now of choice you hath answered in voice
And of your own
What I knew all along too be as certainty
As if I
hath called like the wind from day one......

GJW 27/12/06

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Good Sir of th'Ole World Pennings....A fine job, here, with a difficult decorum to work with...Kudo's! ~ F.J.R. ~