IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Call We Can'T Ignore For Friend Stephen

When I was young so long ago
an inside toilet was to me
epitome of luxury.
We had no choice we had to go.

To the outside lavatory
trudge down the yard through rain and snow
We suffered untold misery.
I can recall it vividly.

A stump of candle for a light.
Squares of newspaper on a string
It was no haven of delight
and all the while the draught whistling.

It used to be an earth closet
but we had progressed to a loo
Most usually the floor was wet
a home made duck board had to do

Today I sit upon the throne
in my bathroom warm and dry
and ponder on the loos I’ve known
I know I am a lucky guy.

From footprint loos in the east
to ultra modern super loos
It doesn’t matter in the least.
We have to go we can’t refuse.

I sit content and contemplate.
The softly quilted toilet roll
and all the latest up to date
systems with which I can control

The heat and the humidity
and spray sweet perfumes in the air.
Such decadence and luxury.
I do not find too hard to bear.


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