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The Calligraphy Of Suicide
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The Calligraphy Of Suicide

'Sad, ' said Irving Kaufman
as I entered the Teacher's Center.
'especially for the kids, ' I said,
'to live through a
mother's suicide.'
'Did you read the note
the cops found? Can't figure out
why she wrote such a thing
to her husband, 'You drove me to this
and you are not
the father of my children.''

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Comments (3)

Selfishly angry this woman is indeed. The story important...it puts into perspective how one person's actions can directly and even indirectly, hurt so many. Not only do the children lose their mother...but one day it is predictable...the image of their father. Stupidity, immorality, and cruelty at it's prime. Excellent work.
Very good title. You almost can't miss with such a dramatic and sad situation. But it comes off sort of gossipy and voyeuristic imho. I would probably have structured the poem less literally and more atmospherically.
Oh my gosh! How horrible. Very moving poem. Sincerely, mary