LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

' The Calling

She wanders among the ruins,
A ghostly figure from the past
Trapped withint the ancient walls
Of her once opulent existence;

A distant musical refrain
Echoes through crumbling passageways -
A vision of swirling dancers
Spinning around ornate pillars
Seeps through the veil of her dreams;

A glimpse into another lifetime
When riches dripped from her fingers,
Aristocracy and priviledge,
Wealth in abundance prevailed;

Now life among the ruins
Comes to haunt her dreams,
And bleeds into her waking thoughts
As ancient castles beckon through time's mist
Calling her back - calling her home.


by Linda Ori

Comments (3)

The type of poem that compels me to try and figure its mystery..Beautiful, exquisite poem.
This was awesome to read. This poem had distinctive vision, feeling and sound all mixed together. Clear and clean with wonderful description. Love it, love it, love it, Debbie
Linda, what a wonderful heartseaching poem. Beautiful to read. Top marks and thanks for sharing it with us my friend. Hugs David