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The Calm
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The Calm

Poem By Crystal Maresh

It’s amazing on how one moment
The weather is blowing like crazy,
Foreboding something bad,
It feels as if it’s death that is coming.

Thunder strikes out of nowhere.
The rain is pounding the earth hard,
And the wind is howling like mad.
I hear the sound of a roar in the distance.

What is this sense that I am having?
This scared, creepy, foreboding sense.
Am I just imagining it?
Or is something bad gonna happen soon?

Multiple strikes of lightning,
Flashing, everywhere, and anywhere.
Leaving no part of the earth untouched.
This strange weather, will it ever end?

It’s a couple hours past, that crazy storm.
Now it’s just calm and no wind blowing,
Is this what those people in history mean?
When they say the calm before the storm?

I feel as if something…or someone
Is watching me, waiting for me to make a move.
I fell as if this change that is happening
Within mother earth, will affect us all.

Why is it that these fears haunt me?
I didn’t sleep that whole night,
Not since it started, and not even
When it ended.

I look out the window and I see it.
The true beauty of the earth,
When everything is standing still,
The calm before the storm.

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