The Calming Sea

The beach is deserted when l arrive l've come with a troubled mind
Not knowing why the sea has drawn me, with answers l hope to find
The only noise l hear, are the waves crashing against the rocks and the gulls overhead
l sit silently staring at the sun and the sky with it's patches of red

A stranger appears passing by, a quick glance perhaps to wonder why
This woman is there at all, alone, except for the odd bird with it's cry
l want the sea to tell me why, why me, but, there's no reply to my pain
l feel a chill yet l feel more serene more able to face the rain
That comes to us all sometime in our lives, l stand up feeling calmer now
l head for home l'll cope with what l have to face, l'll know how

by dianne anderson

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Comments (4)

well penned poem, keep writting
I can really relate to this poem. The vastness of the sea and endless sky somehow always (well... almost always) make my problems seem so small. Thanks for taking me along to sea in your poem.
Serenity in and of the waters. How beautiful and spiritual!
Clearing the mind and finding peace.Nature has its ways of creating such peace. A wonderful read.