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The Candle
(8-2-1945 / Gorakhpur)

The Candle

Poem By Akhtar Jawad

Burning and melting,
Lightning but no thunder,
Tears dropping drown like icicles,
Freezing but not cool,
Having lost,
Smoothness of her body,
She is hot,
The hot icicles have changed her shape,
Still graceful,
Looking more beautiful,
Even more sexy,
She is a source of light,
Light that cracked,
The dark lonely night,
In a silent night she is silent but bright,
Withstanding with the naughty blows,
Of sea blows that touch her and runaway,
See her smile on the naught of the breeze,
She never protests,
Just dances with the touches,
The virgin is waiting for someone,
Who not merely touches her flame,
The bold handsome,
Who can kiss her flame,
And courage to be burnt,
In a true love,
That will burn someone,
And convert in ashes,
Lo he came and kissed the flame,
Her flame dances last time,
Nothing is remained,
Except the fumes,
Death of a night is birth of a day,
It’s not only moon and the stars,
A candle too was burnt in a night,
A dark lonely night for love only love,
Leaving behind ashes and fumes,
With tears of dew,
With the parting kisses of night white flowers,
She goes by a flight of the Milky Way,
And the Milky Way takes off on skies,
The morning star,
The only one,
With the wet eyes, waves his hands,
Sees off the candle,
And leaves for the home,
The smiling dawn takes over the charge,
With an earth enlighten,
Here goes a night with the tales of the moon!
The forgotten candle I am sorry for you,
And your lover too!

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Comments (58)

Revisiting this poetic gem. A marvelous poem embedded with rich imagination, creativeness and superb imagery. A one of a kind write.
Your poem, A re-visit mine!
Top class poem Akhtar. How beautifully how majestically your imagination roams around a candle! 10+
Death of a night is birth of a day, It’s not only moon and the stars, A candle too was burnt in a night, Beautiful expression. Much poetic. What else could be a better tribute to something that burns out for sure? Life is the candle here. Thanks for sharing 10+
Such a great poem.Thanks for sharing it with us.