The Canopy

I have tried to live in American cities
From Boston to San Diego
And every place I stayed, I loved
I just couldn’t afford to live there

From the age of twelve DC was home
Even though I lived in other places
Where ever I lived I lived alone
Now I am a denizen of the canopy ages

In summers, spring, and fall it’s not that bad
Living Under stars and reading old newspapers
But wench comes winter the papers become shelter
In a doorway built for nomads

At this stage of my life I was laid off
By Oce Inc a Canon Company
With forty four billion in cash in banks
They decided my salary was much too depressing

Of course, Oce will spin our breakup
Like I wasn’t doing my job
But with no complaints from the customers’ I served
One would clearly surmise that greed was the nod

But let us not be vindictive here
They did what they thought was right
And now with sales going through the roof
Clearly my demise is justifiable proof

by Murphy Payne

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