ME (09-09-59 / Illinois)

The Cape

Upon my face there is no trace
I wear what no man can see
An invisible cape that
Never sets me free

I recieved it from a man
On a cold, dark, damp November night
The hour: Shortly after midnight
This man hunted me down as his prey
His hair was dark with streaks of gray

His horrid face forever I fear
His breath it reeked of beer
His evil eyes... burned like fire from Hell
Death was his dreadful smell

His cruel voice ordered me with his commands
His ragged skin unbearable as were his callous hands
His arms strong as steel embedded me in cement
His infested body invaded mine without my consent

He smothered me with his massive weight
My mind, my body, my soul instantly filled with hate
In disgrace I created my invisible cape
To shield me from his sight, his touch, his smell, his taste
With all my power I struggled to escape

In torment and blood I survived an junjust rape
By law the alcoholic man recieved counsel and recovered
His gift: No fee
This vicious man today walks free
Capable of hunting down another prey
As he is released from jail
For me the judicial system did fail
For me... Not by law years passed and I finally recieved thearpy
My gift: My fee
I, the living survivor...
I. the victim...
Remain quite frail
I bear a cape I can never unviel...

Upon my face there is no trace
I wear what no man can see
A invisible cape...
That never sets me free

by michelle eppel

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