The Capital Question

Poem By Ila Sumam

A Denied Appeal
25, Male
Skin-Brown, pale
Height-6 inches over 5 feet
Weight-55 kg(Not added, of broken dreams)
Hair-black, unwashed
Cell-The broken one, with blood splosh
(Fears-not of death)
(Regrets-of nothing)

Crime-(Born in the wrong place
Raised by the wrong people[with a similar story])
Did the wrong thing
Pushed knives into three tummies
For a 100 thousand notes each(The deal was great!)
And was caught
(turns out, he didn't know
What he did was rare[the rarest of]
And they didn't want to know
He was the knife
Of a stronger hand)


(but the most important question is unanswered

Killing a person
Who doesn't know his wrong
Is absurd

Killing a person
Who regrets his wrong
Is cruel

Killing a person
Ignorant to defend
Is ignorance

Killing a person
Who wants to live
Is evil

Why take a life
When you can gift a new one?)

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