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The Captain

He sat drunk at the saloon table,
Trying to think but he was unable,
He sat thinking about what he would do,
He sat think about who he would screw,

'For fools to run these waters' he said,
'For in these fools beat the hearts on men, '
The man stood up and slung his sword,
He had never faced a real man before,

They stood in silence and began to fight,
Outside the saloon doors it turned to night,
'I thought you were my friend sir, what's going on? '
With that she slashed his sword and covered it in blood,

'You dear sir! ' the bar man voiced,
'Give us your name with the might of your voice'
'The captain' he said, 'Call me only by that, '
And then walked out the doors with the sound of a gack,

He looked all around, Slaying his friends,
Till he could find 'ship hands' worthy friends,
He drew up and crew and took out a boat.
The map he held was one that he wrote,
The seas were his mistress,
And he was their man,

He was know far and wide,
His room cover in human hide,
He called them the perfect kill,
He killed them with no care and skill,

He looked apon the captains face,
Never did a mean wear so much disgrace,
This man has brought many to their end,
He feared for his life and his children,
He fear for his wife and his home,
the weight of his hands was the fear he would hold,
That man's story will never be told,

The crew was treated like kings,
They feasted and ate like kings,
The captain smiled and poored them some drinks,
They all felt like they were in their dreams,
The captain just sat and smiled,
Sat and smiled for he had found friends,

Friends indeed,
Friends in need,
Friends that seemed true to the end,
Friends that wouldnt turn their backs...

Up in the crows nest they plotted,
Up in the crows nest they stood and plotted,
'Oh how this man will meet his end'
The first mate stood and told his friend,
Plotting a plot that no man would dare to comprehend,

One night while captain was out,
They took a single match out,
They emptied the gunpowder too,
They all looked around....

'Fire! Fire! Oh captain there's a fire! '
The first mate yelled for the captain to come higher,
'Fire! Fire! Oh captain there's a fire! '
The first mate yelled for the captain to come higher,

And so he did with all his might,
He knew not his first mate wanted to fight,

'look captain! you're ship,
she is burning to a crisp.
Along with the souls you took to the sea,
Oh wonderous be your rain on the sea,
but how beautiful your death will be...
when you're harsh misteress takes the life of thee, '

That captain fought for his freedom,
But the attempt was no use,
That captain watched his first mate escape,
Into the sea and away from the light...

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Robert Frost

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